How Driving Traffic To Your New Site Is Like Putting Vodka In A Bowl Of Punch.

Alcohol makes many things a little more fun. But before you get any further, I should probably clarify that this article is NOT about how to increase your webmaster’s productivity with alcoholic substances.

If, instead, you want to learn how you can throw 800-1000 viewers to your new site in a single day, then read on. Continue reading



Aww, you saved my life? You shouldn’t have!

Facebook icon containing paper documents

Facebook. Proudly archiving your every move online since 2004

I hope I will never forget that fateful day, when I realized that after years of usage, Facebook had saved my life.

In fact, if you’re one of its 800,000,000 users, you should be aware that it has saved your life too, regardless of if you wanted it to. Continue reading

Welcome To Rewritt3n, A Digital Insight Blog With A Creative Twist.

Hello world.

Oops. Wrong platform, sorry.

Hello, readers.

First off, welcome to Rewritt3n, and thanks for the interest you’ve shown in this blog.
If you’re here, it might be because you’ve found value in one of the other blog posts, and want to know more about the concept. Or maybe you’ve just randomly stumbled upon this page (pun intended). Or, maybe, just maybe, you’re a secret WordPress moderator dying to find an excellent blog article to submit to the front page.
Regardless – welcome. Continue reading